Only 12 EUR for a 30 minutes of fun, exploration and inspiration
About us

Hello and welcome to our website! Our modern high end speed-glassboat is the best way to experience Budva from the sea side and the Adriatic seabed and all of its underwater life. For only 12 EUR (15 EUR in July & August) we will take you on a 30 minute ride of fun, exploration and inspiration.

Budva is beautiful from the sea side – and you will see that for yourself after our tour ends.


Budva is a city in Montenegro, located in the central part of the Adriatic coast of the country. The city is the center of the same municipal district. Budva was founded 2500 years ago, is one of the most ancient settlements on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

Budva and its surroundings form the Budva Riviera - the largest tourist center of Montenegro, famous for its sandy beaches, nightlife and fine examples of Mediterranean architecture.

We’re located in the beautiful harbour of Budva.
Our ticket stand is located right at the beginning of the small pier in the harbor.