Budva is a city in Montenegro, located in the central part of the Adriatic coast of the country. The city is the center of the same municipal district. Budva was founded 2500 years ago, is one of the most ancient settlements on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

Budva and its surroundings form the Budva Riviera - the largest tourist center of Montenegro, famous for its sandy beaches, nightlife and fine examples of Mediterranean architecture.

Budva is often called the capital of Montenegrin tourism: only in the summer of 2005 the city was visited by 250 thousand tourists. Numerous beaches of the resort, the total length of which is 11.3 km, as well as many historical attractions are fascinating.

Budva is surrounded by beaches, most of which are either coarse-grained or small-pebbled:

Mogren is one of Budva's most famous beaches, located at the foot of fairly steep cliffs 500 meters from the historic center of Budva - the Old Town

Pisana is a city beach, which is located in Budva near the Old Town and the Repeno tower. Despite the short length (about 150 m), it has all the necessary infrastructure: locker rooms, toilets, showers, as well as cafes and restaurants. In the high season on the beach can be a lot of people.

Slovene (Slavic) beach - the longest beach of Budva, located east of the Old City. The name dates back to the autumn of 1938, when in Budva, on the basis of Nazi Germany's occupation of the Sudetenland, conflicts between German and Slovak tourists who had been resting there began. As a result, the Slovaks consolidated the central beach (the Germans left for Mogren) and installed there a sign "Slovenska plazha" (in Slovak from the Slovak beach).

Guwantse is a small sand and pebble beach about 100 m long. It is located near the stony promontory of the Zavala Peninsula (on the road from Becici to Budva).

Yaz is one of the 16 official sandy beaches of Montenegro, its length is 1,200 m, the total area is 22,5 thousand m ?. The beach consists of two parts: a large one (700 m long) and a small one (400 m long), where nudists rest. Behind the beach stretches the town of Mrchevo, on both sides it is surrounded by the mountains of Grbal and Sentinel. Through the beach flows the river Drenovstitsa, flowing into the sea, so that the beach has a source of drinking water. On the beach there are small seasonal restaurants and mini-hotels, several shops work in the summer.

Luchice is a small sand and pebble beach, located in a bay not far from Petrovac. The length is 220 m.

Trsteno is a small beach for traveling with children.

Ploce is a stone beach on a promontory in the sea.

We’re located in the beautiful harbour of Budva.
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